I am in Croatia, stuck here until I finish my high school, while my boyfriend is in London, finishing 12th grade (I am only 10th). I was searching for ways for us to be together more than once or twice a year, but not successfully.
My mother is a very understanding woman and she “approves” my boyfriend. She has met his parents over Skype, and his dad in real life when they came to visit us in Croatia in summer 2014. I’ve been to London by the end of this summer right after I turned 16 (So I can travel alone by airplane. Tickets are not the cheapest thing and my mum didn’t have any problem with me staying over at his and his parent’s place, because as I said, she has met his parents.), and the newest plan is that he visits me for this winter holiday.
One day, the plane ticket will be one way.

12038778_762258670585288_4699901448181140191_oWe are really excited to celebrate the new year together, and just the idea that we are sharing the same room and that our parents don’t mind AT ALL! You would get the idea that they don’t care, because after all, who would let their kid travel over seas alone? But no! They are actually very understanding and happy for us. And it did take us a while to convince them at the beginning that its not just some random short term relationship.

And when you’re long separated.. you take the most out of those little moments.

I haven’t mentioned that either of us are solo, as in we don’t have any brothers or sisters. We have some things in common but most important of all is that no matter how many times we disagree on something or no matter how many “tiny” arguments we have, we always make up. There’s no such thing (or I like to believe so) that would change my mind about being with him. I love that guy as much as I hate him, as in every relationship. For example, we just had an argument 2 days ago and we aren’t really speaking yet, its just matter of time who will apologize first. I think it could be me this time because I’m just bored here alone by myself.. Theres noone to annoy, plus I do miss the bastard >.> Well, I guess it would be my turn.  I have my good and bad days, ups and downs, but seeing him would always cheer me up just enough, (true, sometimes he could piss me off more than cat meowing at 4 am to let him out which is hard to top). Not saying it all just like that, I do mean it..

Couples who fight often are most likely stronger than couples who do not. But it’s not the fighting that makes em stronger. Its what takes place after the fighting; the making up. It’s coming to the realization that your relationship is more important than your differences. It involves acts of forgiveness and acceptance of one’s mistakes. You fight and you learn something new about the person. That’s how it works. Real relationships aren’t perfect, and perfect relationships ain’t real.

I’ve never been appreciated enough in my community, and the fact that I focus on my grades and not on blabbing the rumors around inside those bitchy circles is just making me more of an outsider. That’s how I experienced what its like to be the one mocked on.

Back to the subject; near him.. with him.. Imagine that photo effect on camera when object sharps up and everything in background is foggy. That’s how it feels with him, I finally feel appreciated and the way that I’m finally able to return the love. If I am worried about anything, not feeling comfortable or similar, near him its gone. I simply feel the joy of being near that guy. Young man to be correct. He is wise, dumb sometimes but nothing over the line, hes also silly, can make me laugh just by staring at me… Not to forget he is as sexy as much as he is cute. I will put the focus on his smile, you know those adorable smiles from magazines? I told him that his smile reminds me of Paul Walker’s, but he didn’t really give it much thought.
I am not worried about loyalty, he ain’t dumb, he knows what he has ^^. My loyalty? He’s just so amazing, it would be a shame if I bet with it.

I can’t wait for winder holiday, I will need to make that “to-do list” to use those few days as good as we can. Counting down~ From now to Christmas just seems so long and so far.
Positive thoughts, we will be together soon and many more times, and once hopefully for ever.10426799_10152313945331840_66338640524009_n And then there are those days when u’re watching a movie on computer by yourself, at one point you pause it and go shrink crying in the corner of the room, u get up, walk slowly around shrunk and dying inside.. because you know he was there, and you could feel him! Touch him! See him! And now you cant… well ONE DAY! I will hug him tightly and say “Bitch, don’t you dare to go away!”

To add… he just texted me, and i must add.. 12036643_755461941264961_8307129875282848414_n
I really really love him, no matter what.

“You know, every single day after you went, I wore the ring you gave me, I always have it with me. I dont even have the time to do anything, I don’t even have the time to play, that’s why I play league till 2 am. You think I’m ignoring you, every second I think of you and I want to be with you, but I can’t cause I’m so fucking busy. I love you.”

Well, fuck you. I love you too.