Picture this; middle of the week, 6 am, dirty blue sky outside, sitting in low lighted public transport on your way to school, work or where ever possibly you are heading to. Everyone are asleep, no one texts back, and you’re left alone with your thoughts.

I believe that that’s how most of writers started their careers; not having a wealthy social life, thinking a lot, daydreaming, having really deep minded conversations with the mirror (or at least imagining you are), WRITING for yourself.
-You can’t say that you don’t know what I’m talking about because it’s part of everyday life, but that phase is lasting for months in here… Feels a bit lonely writing things no one will ever see, but I’m denying that this is a diary because .. It’s not! I actually can tell that my vocabulary expended.

I still can’t tell what or who are bloggers, but I am surely not going to be some big ass book writer.
What about sharing my opinion online? Yet somewhere out of reach of my community. Starting this blog seems like a nice idea. Lets take a shot !

I am not being accepted for trying to be myself or for trying to be anything else than basic. Like I chose a wrong generation to be a teen ^^

Journey of expressing myself.