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Motivating little moments that make life worth it

Did you ever look into the sky? And pause.
And think about it’s infinity?

And how you’re just a small something,
that makes no impact however you turn. Continue reading “Motivating little moments that make life worth it”

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What has been going on in my life lately?

Why did I ever stop writing? I’ve always had this high feeling while letting the emotions overwhelm me, but I guess it became more of a chore I set to myself lately. Thats what made it not so enjoyable, rip.. Continue reading “What has been going on in my life lately?”

What is wrong with today’s educational system?

*Teacher: Read professor, tutor, teacher or any that suits you best.

There are many teachers with many different styles of teaching and many different ways of grading. There are worse, and there are better teachers.

Did you ever hear a teacher whine about how newer generation is so spoiled?

Continue reading “What is wrong with today’s educational system?”

Comfort in darkness

Have you ever caught yourself wishing and dreaming of feeling down while your life is finally going somewhat smoothly? That really is a sign that you’re doomed, but I can’t possibly the only one feeling that way, right? Right. Continue reading “Comfort in darkness”

Teenage girl’s mind convinced itself its a polar bear and it went on a long long winter nap, but now shall be the time when it will snap out of that hibernation state and gradually bring up all the colorful thoughts it has been dreaming of~

Happy, but never satisfied

It has been a while; Been on my winter holiday and spent it lazing around, school has started, everything back to same old meh, same old bleh.  Continue reading “Happy, but never satisfied”

6 hours until New year, still no plans.

Lets say I made plans, (I did.), but my mum canceled them. I tried my ways around her rules, there’s still one little trick I will try later but I doubt it will work..

So, we can say that by now I gave up on trying to get it my way and here I am, in bed in underwear, messy hair, and no wish for living.  Continue reading “6 hours until New year, still no plans.”

Faith in humanity

So you know this new generation of teenagers? How spoiled they are, taking everything for granted, never thinking about the things they’re doing… And most of teenagers are that way! Trust me! Continue reading “Faith in humanity”

Most passionate lovers

Busy with our own lives, trying to spend every second we can with each other yet ending up catching only a glimpse of all that we wish could have. Continue reading “Most passionate lovers”

Horrible horrible day

My day has been SHIT. My almost every day is shit. School days especially. It was all going somewhat okay until I started getting ready for school. Continue reading “Horrible horrible day”

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